October 10, 2012



Bret Rawson, General Counsel,

Utah State Fraternal Order of Police

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Salt Lake City, Utah - The Utah State Fraternal Order of Police (“Utah FOP”) today announced itsendorsement of Congressman Jason Chaffetz for re-election. “Congressman Chaffetz has a long history of supporting law enforcement and public safety and has been a great friend to the FOP and all of law enforcement,” stated Utah FOP President Brent Jex. “It is an honor for us to stand with him in 2012,” Jex Continued. “Congressman Chaffetz has earned this endorsement by his record of genuine interest and commitment toward understanding law enforcement and the men and women who offer their time and talents to keep our communities safe. Whether through riding along with officers on a regular basis when at home, or through his committee responsibilities in DC, or by personally calling and checking on officers injured in the line of duty whether critical incidents have occurred in his district or not, Mr. Chaffetz goes above and beyond in support of our officers.” Jex Stated.

“Jason Chaffetz espouses those values and principals that are important to our members,” Bret Rawson, General Counsel for the Utah FOP, stated. “People often ask me ‘why does a labor organization endorse conservative candidates’ – I tell them because our members in Utah are overwhelmingly conservative, and though there is some variety in their individual political affiliations, it is universally of greatest import to us that Congressman Chaffetz supports our cause of making life a little better for those who undertake to go into harms’ way to protect life and property in our great State,” Rawson continued. “He is very engaged and very dedicated to serving Utahns, and yet takes every opportunity to stand with us, visit with us, honor our fallen heroes, and lend a sympathetic ear to our interests and concerns,” Rawson explained. “He is the right candidate for Utah’s 3rd  Congressional District.”

Congressman Chaffetz currently serves as a member of the House Subcommitee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security to the House Judiciary Committee, among others.


The Utah State Fraternal Order of Police is a fraternal organization aimed at supporting law enforcement officers throughout the State of Utah. The Utah FOP has existed for 26 years and is a subordinate Lodge to the National Fraternal Order of Police, the largest and oldest police organization in the Country, established in 1915 and currently representing over 330,000 police officers nationwide.


Brent Jex, President

Fraternal Order of Police

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Bret Rawson, General Counsel

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