Fiscal Discipline
Limited Government
Representing Utah to Washington, not Washington to Utah
Strong National Defense
Cut, Cap, & Balance
Representing Utah to Washington, not Washington to Utah
All too often, people are elected to federal office, move their families to Washington, and end up losing touch with the people they represent. I’m aware of this trend, and committed to avoiding the same fate.

Washington, DC is not my home. Utah is. My family and I still reside in our home in Alpine. My daughters attend Utah public schools and my son attends a Utah university (but has recently has been called to serve a LDS mission in Africa). I love our state. I’m honored to serve the people of Utah. I’m committed to representing Utah to Washington, not Washington to Utah.
Fiscal Discipline
The greatest threat to our nation’s sovereignty – and freedom – is our unsustainable national debt. The federal government borrows, taxes and spends far too much. During the last four decades, our nation’s debt has risen more than 3,000 percent. It’s nearly doubled just since President Obama was elected. Each day we spend more than $700 million dollars on our interest payments alone.

This out-of-control spending must stop right now.

We need major systemic changes to the way we spend money. Eliminating wasteful government programs, enacting entitlement reform and passing a balanced budget amendment would be a start.
Limited Government
We must hold the federal government to its Constitutionally limited role. During the past few years we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the regulatory and confiscatory overreach of the federal government. Big government and freedom cannot coexist. When government expands, freedom contracts.

If we want to create jobs, we need to remove burdensome government regulations and lower the corporate income tax rate. By doing so, we will create a measure of regulatory certainty that will incentivize investment, ingenuity and job growth.

"Jason Chaffetz is a true leader who can help guide our country back toward freedom and prosperity."

- Gov. Mitt Romney
Not only should individuals be personally accountable for their actions, but elected officials and our government should also be held to a strict standard of accountability. We must vigilantly fight waste, fraud and abuse at all levels of government.

I believe in American Exceptionalism. We are blessed to live in this great nation with abundant freedom and limitless opportunity. We need to preserve our land of liberty by expecting individuals to be personally accountable for their actions. We should demand greater transparency and accountability from our government.
Strong National Defense
The United States of America is the greatest country on Earth. We must retain our status as the world’s economic and military superpower. Our national security also depends on prioritizing energy independence, developing the natural recourses found in our own back yard, securing our border and fixing illegal immigration.

When it comes to homeland security, we need to shield ourselves from terrorist threats while also preserving individual freedom. I don’t believe we need to see people naked or subject children to abusive pat downs in order to secure an airplane. We must be unconditionally committed to our soldiers. We are obligated to take care of those who have sacrificed so much to protect us.
Cut, Cap, and Balance
From the earmark ban and the Pledge to America, to the Fast and Furious investigation and my recent Cut, Cap, and Balance legislation, I’ve been a leader of government reform. In fact, I was the primary sponsor of the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill (H.R. 2560). I had a central role in writing, introducing and passing it with 234 votes.

Some conservative thought on Cut, Cap, and Balance:

"If Obama really cared, he would demand his own party pass Cut, Cap, and Balance"
- Rush Limbaugh

"The Cut, Cap, and Balance plan is the right plan."
- Gov. Sarah Palin

"I don’t think Congress or future Congresses can control themselves. [The Cut, Cap, and Balance bill] is the insurance policy we need. I fully support it."
- Sean Hannity