House passes Chaffetz bill to get tougher on tax delinquents

Washington • The House this week unanimously passed a measure by Rep. Jason Chaffetz that would bar federal agencies from hiring or awarding grants to contractors with "seriously delinquent tax debt," but defeated another bill that would punish federal workers for the same concern.

Chaffetz, a Utah Republican and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has pushed the two bills for years, arguing that tax money shouldn't be spent on those who aren't current on their taxes. He heralded the passage of the contractor legislation.

"It is antithetical to use taxpayer resources to fund contractors who aren't fulfilling their own tax responsibilities," Chaffetz said in a statement. "This bill is a common-sense way to ensure that we prioritize law-biding taxpayers above those who are skirting their legal duty to pay taxes."


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