State Delegates, 


As the FreedomWorks Utah and Western States Coordinator I feel it is necessary to respond to emails from candidate Mark Hedengren who has been using FreedomWorks name in several of his campaign emails. I have emailed Mark but have not received a response from him in regards to what I would like to clarify.  

First, FreedomWorks has not endorsed Mark's campaign for Congress or anyone that is running in the 3rd Congressional district in Utah nor am I involved in any way in any campaign.

Also, to clarify, Congressman Jason Chaffetz has an 88% score with FreedomWorks whereas Democrat Jim Matheson has a score of 44%. Three of our seven bills FreedomWorks used to calculate the 2014 scores, Congressman Chaffetz missed voting on because his son was returning from his LDS mission.  In speaking with the Congressman about how he would have voted on those three bills, he should have a much higher, near perfect score for this past year.

I have found Congressman Chaffetz to always have been very responsive to me and to other FreedomWorks members in regards to questions or concerns on any of his votes. Congressman Chaffetz has led many important and significant fights in Congress and I am appreciative of his efforts.   

I hope candidate Mark Hedengren will use caution when misrepresenting FreedomWorks in any future campaign correspondence and felt it was important and necessary to issue this clarification to you as a state delegate.


Thank you,

Heather Williamson
Utah & Western States​ Coordinator
office (801) 995-5365