With no paid staff, no name recognition, no campaign debt and very little money Jason Chaffetz beat all odds. Standing firm on the conservative principles of fiscal discipline, limited government, accountability and a strong national defense, Jason knocked out a 12-year incumbent and was elected to represent Utah's 3rd Congressional District in 2008.

With an army of 1,000 grass-roots volunteers, good old-fashioned shoe leather, and despite being outspent by over $600,000, Jason defeated the Republican incumbent by 20 percentage points in the June 2008 primary election. He won the general election by 37 points.

Congressman Chaffetz is working hard to represent Utah to Washington, not Washington to Utah. He is focused on returning the federal government back to its proper role, and reigning in the out of control spending and power grabs by lawmakers and special interests.

Jason was raised in California, Arizona and Colorado. He moved to Utah in the mid-1980's after being recruited by LaVell Edwards to be a placekicker on the Brigham Young University football team. He drove to Provo with a few hundred dollars in his pocket and everything he owned piled into his car. At the time, he had no idea how much his experiences at BYU would shape his life.

After a successful football career at BYU and earning his degree in Communications, he married his wife Julie, and spent more than sixteen years in the local business community. Jason and Julie have been married for eighteen years and have three children, Max, Ellis, and Kate.

In 1995, Jason's mother passed away after a long battle with cancer. During that time he was deeply touched by the personal generosity of the Huntsman family in their fight against cancer. When Jason heard that Jon Huntsman, Jr. was mounting a gubernatorial campaign he arranged a meeting through a mutual friend. Shortly thereafter, Huntsman named Jason his campaign manager.

Jason ran a well-organized campaign for John Huntsman, Jr. which resulted in victory. He then worked for another year as Huntsman's Chief of Staff. In 2005 Jason rejoined the private sector managing his own company, Maxtera Utah, a corporate communications and marketing firm.

Now Congressman Jason Chaffetz represents the people of Utah's 3rd Congressional District. He is energized and dedicated to fighting for what is right for Utah, and for the United States of America.
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